Monday, February 1, 2010

So how's it going?

Day 1 is down. I posted my photo of something meaningful on That's What She Said. I was so tempted to drink a glass of apple juice this morning because I bought some last week at Trader Joe's forgetting that this week is February. So there's that. But I am water only so far. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to crave a carbonated beverage at some point in the next few days. And even though I have only been drinking decaffeinated drinks for the past few weeks, I'm suffering from caffeine headaches.

How are you doing so far? If you're taking pictures and are posting them online, where are they? Did you find it hard to think of something meaningful to take a photo of?

Are you feeling any effects of only drinking water? Which of these two challenges is going to be the hardest?

Thanks to Hales for the Tweet-out earlier today and to Erin-bo-Berin for the blog shout-out.

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