Sunday, February 28, 2010

March into Spring

It's that time again! Can you believe February is over already?

So here are March's resolutions:
1. Pay only in cash. Now for me, I'm going to still pay rent and those bills that are automatically deducted as I normally do. However, those everyday purchases are going to be paid for in cold, hard cash (or in change.)

2. I am going to read two books during the next 31 days. I oftentimes decide it would be easier to watch TV than to read. Not this month. Booky-wooks will be my friend. The books I'm going to be reading are Die Trying by Lee Child (disclaimer...My buddy Tom let me borrow this book about four months ago but I haven't given it the time) and Travelling Mercies by Anne LaMott.

Are you in? Maybe one of these tickles your fancy? Maybe both? Neither? Let me know!!!

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  1. Traveling Mercies is amazing. I love Anne LaMott, crass as she may be at times.

    Love reading this. :-)