Friday, April 30, 2010

Da Da DA!!!! What's up, May!!??!?

So I'm ready for the May flowers. April was a fantastic month with two pretty good resolutions, if I do say so myself. So what's up in May? I'm glad you asked and I apologize for the delay in getting this blog post written.

Remember the deal...Feel free to join in. Do one, do two, do none. Comment away (please ;-) )

Resolution 1: Make my bed every day. Who doesn't feel great about getting into a made bed at the end of a long day? Something about it feels homey and settling. So each morning (including weekends) I'm going to be pulling the sheets up and fluffing my pillow. Hopefully this will help me get my room in order and keep it that way.

Resolution 2: Oprah's gotten to me. As well as fear that the law of Tennessee will get me. (Oh, and death or a car accident.) This month, I will not be talking on the phone without a hands-free device and will not be texting in my car. I know I could probably get away with texting at stop lights. But really, it makes me way less observant. It's unsafe and frankly, I shouldn't be doing it in the car when I'm behind the wheel. I can already see this one is going to be tested as I drive to Mississippi next weekend for Mother's Day. Ok, that's a week away. I can do this.

Are you in?

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  1. i'm definitely trying to ween myself off texting in the car, with varying degrees of success.